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Sheet1 FAQ - Homework 1 You will find below a summary of the more interesting questions that were asked in connection with the homework. Depending on the issues that might come up, this list might be updated from time to time. 1. [02/07] We were told earlier that for certain interest-rate conventions the conventional year has 360 days. However, now we are told that a conventional year has 365 days. Is this a contradiction? No, this just shows in how many ways one can define an interest rate. Of course, one should know the conventions used in any particular area, but the definitions themselves contain lots of arbitrary elements. The use of a 365-day year for all interest rates shows you that the differences in numerical values that you obtain are not due to the differences in the length of the conventional year. 2. [02/07] Do we need to prove the relationships that we observe between various interest rates? No, you only need to empirically note these relationships by examining the numbers that you get. You are encouraged to think about what
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673_hw1_faq__updated_02_07_10.15_ - FAQ - Homework 1 You...

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