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Homework1-1 - imaged by an imaging system with the above...

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BME 425 – Basics of Biomedical Imaging Fall 2008 Homework 1 Due September 30 th , 2008 (in class) 1. Download or create a simple digital image with the following characteristics: Size: 256x256 pixels Gray scale Image should contain some objects/features (i.e. not uniform intensity) 2. Create a 2D Gaussian point spread function (psf) with standard deviation 5 pixels. 3. Simulate what would be produced if your object (represented by image above) was
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Unformatted text preview: imaged by an imaging system with the above spatially invariant psf. Optional 4. Add noise, e.g. “salt and pepper” noise; specify signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) 5. Filter to recover object Submission Your homework submission should illustrate your results for each of the steps above. Any code (e.g. MATLAB) you write should also be included....
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