Test Strategies for CEE 597

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Unformatted text preview: CEE 597 Risk Analysis & Management Test Strategies for Exams Dillon M. Cowan March 6, 2007 Overview Characteristics of a CEE 597 Exam What to do before exam (Planning/Preparation) What to do during exam (Execution) Characteristics of CEE 597 Exams Open book/note Same types of questions every year : no surprises One point per minute Time an important factor Test 2 things: knowledge and preparation Common Scenario Student is able to complete and comprehend the homework, but receives a poor score on the exam: Student: "Professor Stedinger, this exam did not accurately test my understanding of the concepts. I simply ran out of time." Professor Stedinger: "Why did you run out of time? Did you bring a watch? Did you take a close look at old exams, and try to actually solve the problems working against a clock?" Planning and Preparation Know what is on exams Get organized! Know how to work problems Actually take practice exam Know What is on the Exam Look at old exams! What questions show up every year? Of those questions, which are worth the most? Place emphasis on problems that appear frequently and have high point values* *Disclaimer This does not mean that other issues are not important You will not have time to learn how to do Know How to Work the Problems the problems during the exam Work through problems on old exams and homework assignments until you can solve them quickly and correctly* *Set aside at least one old exam to use later as a practice test Get Organized Your notes will not help you if they are not organized; instead they will be a distraction. Put your notes and homework in a binder Mark homework assignments and important lectures and readings Make a sheet of important concepts and equations to save time Should be based upon your knowledge of what you expect to see on the exam Take a Practice Test First, complete the Planning and Preparation stage Get out the old exam that you set aside earlier Attempt to complete the exam in the allotted time Score your practice exam Use the results to identify weaknesses and make adjustments in your preparation Preparation Bonus As you prepare for the exam, you will also increase your knowledge and understanding of the material! Additional Tips Relax it is unlikely that this exam will have a significant impact on your life Get plenty of rest or at least some Do not load up on caffeine to compensate for lack of sleep it may give you the jitters Once you are ready to take the exam, do something relaxing Execution Read the questions carefully Allocate your time wisely Make an attempt to solve every problem Solve easiest problems first Give importance to problems that are worth the most points (don't spend 20 minutes trying to solve a 5 point problem) Something is almost always better than nothing After the Exam Question from a Fluid Mechanics Final at Colorado State University: After this exam I plan to: (a) go to sleep (b) study for another exam (c) get drunk (d) burn the teacher in effigy (e) burn the teacher Good Luck! ...
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