PSYC326_5 - PSYC 326 NOTE Cont. Communication Between...

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PSYC 326 – NOTE Cont. Communication Between Neurons synaptic transmission postsynaptic potentials binding site ligand Structure of Synapses axodendritic dendritic spines axosomatic axoaxonic presynaptic membrane postsynaptic membrane synaptic cleft synaptic vesicles transport proteins fill synaptic vesicles with neurotransmitter trafficking proteins help in release of neurotransmitter and recycling vesicles large dense core synaptic vesicles contain peptides small synaptic vesicles produced in Golgi apparatus and are carried by fast axoplasmic transport large synaptic vesicles only made in soma release zone Release of Neurotransmitter omega figure see Fig. 2.31 p. 56 voltage-dependent Ca++ channels Ca++ down electrostatic and diffusion gradients Ca++ transporter similar to Na+-K+ pump Ca++ bind to proteins, change their shape some proteins bind vesicle and presynaptic membranes and need Ca++ for creating fusion pore , taking 0.1 msec three forms after vesicle has fused and released neurotransmitter see Fig. 2.33 p. 58 kiss and stay kiss and leave merge and recycle endosomes break off, aggregate, fuse Activation of Receptors postsynaptic receptors neurotransmitter-dependent ion channels ionotropic receptor contains a binding site for the neurotransmitter and an ion channel that opens
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PSYC326_5 - PSYC 326 NOTE Cont. Communication Between...

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