Class Notes for 8-30 - Anna King HA 387 8.30.2007 Class...

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Anna King HA 387 8.30.2007 Class Notes: 8.30.2007 ****Review*****: 1. Plaintiff has burden of proving first that plaintiff is a member of a protected class. This is most times, not difficult whereas disabilities are. 2. Plaintiff has to prove that they are minimally qualified and applied for the job 3. You must have suffered the adverse employment action 4. The job must have remained open or it went to someone outside the class 5. After all of this, defendant must produce a non-discriminatory case 6. Then plaintiff must prove it was pretext and discrimination o If plaintiff just proves pretext, the jury may infer discrimination, but they don’t have to Hopkins vs. Price Waterhouse People do not like this woman who is up for partnership, single mother. She is very difficult to work with. From a job qualification stand point, she is suited for partner, but they tell her that people don’t like her so they suggest that she act “more feminine.” Gets denied as partner even after she changes her looks, so she sues. So this is sex discrimination, but she really is offensive and doesn’t work well with others. Law firm can show that in the past it has denied men for partner that don’t get
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This note was uploaded on 10/31/2007 for the course H ADM 387 taught by Professor Dsherwyn during the Spring '07 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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Class Notes for 8-30 - Anna King HA 387 8.30.2007 Class...

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