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Sheet1 Page 1 Last updated on 11:00 am on 02/27. ---- You will find below the list of proposed topics for the Derivatives project. We have anonymized all submissions. Given the number of students in the class, you will probably find a project faster if you are looking for a narrow(er) topic. This will allow you to allow overlaps and has the added benefit of reducing the volume of material you have to read about. You can start looking for topics by going to repositories of financial news and searching for 'derivatives' and, say, an industry that interests you (e.g. air transportation, automotive, banking), or - even narrower (and, perhaps, better) - a specific company. You can look for terms like 'derivatives' and 'exotic' or 'usual', for derivatives' and 'default' or 'losses', for 'derivatives' and accounting', 'derivatives' and 'regulations', 'derivatives', 'trader' and 'jail' (and so on). Remember, you do not have to write a treatise, just a few pages with information that your peers will be able to understand and find useful/interesting. Here is the list of topics: 1. I would like to do my NBA673 project on "Weather Derivatives". It would primarily be an introductory report on weather derivatives that includes details on What is primarily traded (types of contracts)/How weather derivatives differ from other derivatives/The major players/Description of a typical contract/Weather risk management tools and also/Some current market data 2. I want to write the topic about commodity derivatives, especially for the spread in energy -- oil price 3. I would like to propose "Use of Derivatives by Freddie and Fannie" as my topic for the project. Recently both these companies had faced hard times and lot has been said about their use of derivatives. I would like to write about this particularly how the use of derivatives has increased their exposure and risk. 4. Equity portfolio options strategies/To compare the different stock options strategies available and how options can be used to enhance returns or modify risk. 5. I would like to do my project on the role that derivatives played in the downfall of Barings Bank.
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Sheet1 Page 2 6. I would like to do the trend of derivatives market in Asia and other emerging markets. 7. I would like to study the use of credit derivatives for managing country risk in emerging markets. 8. I would like to write the 673 paper on Agricultural derivatives. 9. I would like to the project on 'Hunt Silver Crisis'. In 1973, the Hunt family of Texas, possibly the richest family in America at the time, decided to buy precious metals as a hedge against inflation. .... And the story begins. 10. I would like to do my project on Wal-Marts use of interest rate and currency derivatives to hedge against movements in these two areas. 11. I would like to do a project on LTCM case about how they succeeded
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