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STUDY QUESTIONS Professor Patrick Yanez Chapter 12: Products and Services for Consumers True/False Questions 1. Quality can be defined on two dimensions: market-perceived quality and performance quality. Answer: True 2. Though quality is always important in the consumer's mind, they, in general, do not expect it to be a given. Answer: False 3. Quality is measured in many industries by objective third parties. Answer: True 4. Even though most companies claim high performance quality when a product leaves the factory, the factory is still the place where most products are damaged in global marketing. Answer: False 5. In many countries the term product homologation is used to describe the changes mandated by local product and service standards. Answer: True 6. Green marketing is the term frequently used to identify a marketer's efforts to reduce its dependency on U.S. dollars as the standard for international exchange. Answer: False 7. The European Commission (EC) mandate requires a product to be evaluated from manufacturing to disposal. Answer: True 8. Strictly speaking from a marketing point of view as well as from a definitional view, a product is a physical item. Answer: False 9. An important first step in adapting a product to a foreign market is to determine the degree of newness as perceived by the intended market. Answer: True 10. From a sociological point of viewpoint, any idea perceived as new by a group of people is an innovation. Answer: True 11. The process by which a new product spreads throughout a society is called the product life cycle. Answer: False 12. The element of time is what differentiates diffusion (i.e., diffusion of innovations) from other types of communication research. Answer: True 13. One of the three variables, which affect the rate of diffusion of a product, is the product's degree of perceived newness. Answer: True 14. If a new product has the trait of relative advantage, it is guaranteed success in the marketplace. Answer: False 15. Most of the new ideas associated with the Internet are being produced in Europe because of the number of Internet users on the continent. Answer: False 16. One of the core components in the product component model is the product platform. Answer: True 17. If you were looking for information and strategies on a product's brand name, you would find it under the packaging component of the product component model. Answer: True 18. The packaging component of the product component model contains the physical product and all its design and functional features. Answer: False 19. A well-known baby-food producer that introduced small jars of baby food in Africa complete with labels featuring a picture of a baby experienced the classic example of misinterpreted symbols--consumers thought it was ground-up babies in a jar. This would be an example of a problem with the packaging component in the product component model. Answer: True
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20. One of the consistencies that marketers can look forward to when marketing products abroad is
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