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1980_pocket_seafood_selector - Pocket Seafood Selector...

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Abalone (U.S. farmed) Anchovies Arctic char (farmed) Catfish (U.S. farmed) Caviar (U.S. farmed) Clams (farmed) Crab, Dungeness Crab, snow (Canada) Crab, stone Crawfish (U.S.) Halibut, Pacific (Alaska) Herring, Atlantic (U.S., Canada) Mackerel, Atlantic Mahimahi (U.S. Atlantic) Mussels (farmed) Oysters (farmed) Sablefish/black cod (Alaska) Salmon, wild (Alaska) Salmon, canned pink/sockeye Sardines B E S T C H O I C E S Scallops, bay (farmed) Shrimp, northern (Canada) Shrimp, Oregon pink Shrimp (U.S. farmed) Spot prawns Striped bass (farmed) Sturgeon (U.S. farmed) Tilapia (U.S.) indicates fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids and low in environmental contaminants. For details, or for information on hundreds of other fish, visit www.oceansalive.org/eat.cfm ©June 2006 Environmental Defense Cover illustration: www.chartingnature.com Caviar (wild) Chilean seabass/toothfish Cod, Atlantic Grouper Halibut, Atlantic Marlin Monkfish/goosefish Orange roughy Rockfish/rock cod (Pacific)
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