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15_primary_production_2 - Primary Production II Spatial and...

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1 Primary Production II - Spatial and Temporal Patterns - “Linking Biology with Physical Oceanography” Outline Today… 1. Observed Spatial Patterns in Chlorophyll Concentration and Primary Production from Satellite Data 2. Subtropical Gyre Regions 3. Equatorial Atlantic and Pacific Regions 4. Coastal Regions Wednesday… 1. Westerly Wind Belt Region and the Critical Depth Concept 2. Magnitude of Global Primary Production 3. Current/Future Trends in Primary Production Research Temporal Variability in Global Chlorophyll
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2 Primary Production = (standing stock)*(specific growth rate) While standing stock of phytoplankton (i.e., chlorophyll concentration) is commonly used as a proxy for primary production , strictly speaking they are definitely NOT the same thing… Annual Average Chlorophyll Annual Average Primary Production Annual Average Chlorophyll Concentration in the Surface Layer of the Ocean Derived from Satellite Observations of Ocean Color using the SeaWiFS Satellite Sensor Annual Average Primary Production Integrated over the Euphotic (Light) Zone in the Surface Ocean
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