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Question Set IIb - during embryogenesis Outline a few major...

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1. What are the culturing parameters that affect the pattern and efficiency of ESC differentiation? . 2. The AGM is thought to be the true site of de novo HSC formation. The other sites (liver, thymus, spleen and bone marrow) are thought to be the results of HSC migration and colonization. This is hard to prove beyond doubt. How could you do that? What kind of experimental “tools” would you need to develop? i) 3. What kind of clinical applications are known for HSC? 4. What are the main problems with using HSC for cell therapy/transplantation? 5. What are the disadvantages of using traditional gene therapy in HSCs? 6. How can problems with traditional gene therapy could be overcome by using newer stem cell technology? 7. What kind of genetic diseases are curable by gene/stem cell therapy? 8. How can you perform lineage tracing experiments in vivo? 9. What kind of experiments lead to elucidating the development of blood cells
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Unformatted text preview: during embryogenesis? Outline a few major steps that lead to models of origin(s) of blood formation. 10. What is transdifferentiation? 11. What are the instances in which transdifferentiation might occur naturally? 12. What examples of transdifferentiation have been already documented in the literature? What are the common mechanisms thought to govern this phenomenon? 13. What is the relevance of transdifferentiation for clinical applications? 14. What experimental approach can one use to distinguish between transdifferentiation and cell fusion? 15. What is the rational for inducing transdiferrentiation? How is that useful? 16. What is an experimental design that will allow you to induce and track transdifferentiation from one tissue type of cells to another?...
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