Final Paper Proposal Instructions

Final Paper Proposal Instructions - ,,2007at 5PM. ,

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REQUEST FOR APPLICATIONS: Proposal could be turned in at any time, but no latter than Saturday May 12 th , 2007 at 5PM. No extensions will be granted. Research proposals in the area of stem cell biology are requested, to uncover the putative common molecular mechanisms of tissue stem cell senescence during aging. The proposal should be 3 pages of text and figures. Text should be 1.5 spaced, font Aria, size 11, 1 inch margins. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in penalty up to 30% points. Please make sure you follow the rules. Title and abstract page should be in addition to the 3 pages above and not longer than 300 words. Introduction ~1/2 page: use this to put your work in context. Use the intro as a means to highlight why is the work that you propose important, exciting, unique, relevant. Specific aims ~1/2 page (2-3 aims); First state your overall hypothesis or question to be answered. Than break it down in specific aims; they should be specific “goals” or purposes; could be formulated as questions. A succinct explanation of methods and expected outcome should follow. The aims should directly address the question you are asking. Preliminary data – use published relevant specific work as preliminary data – ~1/2 page Experimental approach – detail the work you will perform and discuss the different possible results you are expecting, and how will you interpret them – ~1 page. Significance of proposed work ~1/2 page. Grades will be based on: Originality of the proposed work Creativity Validity of the approach and methods Clarity of the proposal Feasibility (don’t ask for the moon) Relevance of the specific question SEE NEXT PAGE GENERAL TIPS ON WRITING GRANT PROPOSALS:
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Writing Your Proposal Audience The majority of grant programs recruit academic reviewers with knowledge of the disciplines and/or program areas of the grant. Thus, when writing your grant proposals, assume that you are
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Final Paper Proposal Instructions - ,,2007at 5PM. ,

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