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Ethics discussion work groups /resources.html G1 Safety / Public awareness Adam Christopher Leighton Core Kasey Basch Robert Brody G2 Efficacy / Profitability Alex Soneru Ben Clarke Alex Pistell Barrett Eubanks G3 Equity / Egg donors Mu He Boram Kim Katrin Petermann David Binder G4 Hype Scott Millman Chang-Il Kwang Chethan Sabaru Mitsukuni Yoshida Carolyn Hogan G5 Moral status of embryo Carmen Bonvin Suzie Kosina Leah Greenspan Chen-Hua Chuang
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Ethical issues for discussion: bring to the table pros and cons/try to be unbiased 1) Safety of stem cell use in clinics/ public awareness 2) Efficacy/profitability - how efficient stem cell therapies will be (long term etc); what is needed for this kind of therapy to get onto the market successfully?
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Ethics - http/

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