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Daniel Pearson Ms. McGovern, Section 65 Narrative Essay Group 3 Draft 3 – Final Excuse You. .? A cool night’s breeze ruffles my hair as I meander back toward my dorm – a trip that would prove itself both unique and shocking. My friend had just moved in this day; being a gentleman, I hauled various boxes full of clothes and other necessities up to the third floor for her. As a result, on my return trip to South Halls, my calf muscles tense up like rubber bands about to snap. Focusing on my discomfort, I pass through Warnock Commons and make a right on Shortlidge. This should lead to my dormitory. The scenario resembles something from a movie; streets devoid of people paralleled by poor lighting – the antithesis of the typical bustling marketplace atmosphere one normally encounters at University Park. I pass my first group of people whom I suspect may have just returned from a fraternity party. They speak loudly, assumedly incapable of modulating their voices without considerable concentration, and sway back and forth when they walk – much like pendulums. I subconsciously deem them harmless because nobody enjoying themselves that much can possibly be malignant. These inebriated personages undulate past me and their carefree laughter fades into the distance. Contrasting their blithesome intoxication with my stale sobriety, I recognize a slight jealousy brewing inside me. Some other nondescript individuals walk past me,
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Narrative_Essay_D3 - Daniel Pearson Ms McGovern Section 65...

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