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HW2 - Chem 359 Fall 2007 Draw the Newman projections...

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HO Cl Cl OH NH 2 NH 2 OH O EtO O Cl 3 C OH O OH F 3 C F 3 C O OH NH 2 OH Cl H Me H Me H Br Cl H Br O OMe O O O O S MeS S O N O N F Name the following compounds: Draw the most stable conformer in 3-dimensional chair-like form: Draw resonance forms for the following molecules. HW2 - Nomenclature, conformational analysis, resonance
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Unformatted text preview: Chem 359 Fall 2007 Draw the Newman projections, showing all conformations by rotating in 60 o increments. Rank the conformations in terms of energetics. Br Cl H OH (this is an eye looking down the bond)...
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