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1 of 2 NBA673 Introduction to Derivatives I Tibor Jánosi Spring 2006 (1 st half) NBA 673 – Introduction to Derivatives I Project Requirements For this assignment, you must work individually. In order to avoid overlaps and - less likely - badly chosen topics, please send email to Tian (our TA) stating what your proposed topic is (provide a title and a 2-3 sentence description). Tian’s email is tl227@cornell.edu. To make it easier for Tian to recognize your emails, please use the subject line “NBA673 project” whenever communicating with her on project-related issues. Your topic proposal is due by 4 pm on Tuesday, February 22. Your final write-up is due by 6 pm on Thursday, March 2; it must be a Word document that you will upload to the Digital Dropbox on Blackboard . Please remember to follow the formatting guidelines (see below)! The following four paragraphs detail information originally presented in the Syllabus: You will have to independently identify and research a topic related to derivatives and prepare a short, original report on your chosen topic. Almost any topic will be acceptable; as long as you can argue that it is relevant to one of the four broad types of derivatives we will study (or is relevant to combinations thereof). For example, you can report on the characteristics of options on gold futures contracts and
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673_Derivatives_Project - NBA673 Introduction to...

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