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PS1_Chem288_corrected_1 - Spring 2005 Problem Set 1 Handed...

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Spring 2005 Problem Set 1 Chemistry 288 – Marohn Handed out: Friday, 28 January 2005 Corrected: Monday, 31 January 2005, 8:30 AM Due: Thursday, 3 February 2005 1. You have four coins that you toss all at once. (a) How many different possible outcomes are there? (b) What is the probability of tossing all heads? (c) What is the probability of tossing half heads? (d) Write out all the possible outcomes (four heads, three heads and one tail, etc) and tabulate the number of ways to reach each outcome. 2. It is possible using a “patch clamp” [1] to measure the change in current flow resulting from the opening and closing of just a few ion channels in a cell wall. The response of the opening and closing to temperature, pH, electrical potential, cofactors, and so on, can be examined at the single-molecule level using patch-clamp measurements. Suppose one is watching the total current generated by the opening/closing of N ion channels, acting independently. In this problem we want to calculate the expected average current and the standard
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