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1. What is the general definition of a stem cell? 2. What is the major difference between a stem and a progenitor cells? 3. What is the hierarchy of cells with respect to their differentiation status? 4. What are the 2 main criteria for defining classes of stem cells? 5. What are the classes of stem cells? 6. What are some major differences between ESC and tissue stem cells? (You should come up with at least 4 major conceptual differences; for example we know that ESC express OCT4 vs tissue stem cells do not; you can formulate this as: ESC and tissue stem cells are regulated by at least a subset of distinguishing cell signaling pathways and transcription factors). 7. What are the difference between ESC and EGC? Which one is preferable to use in clinical applications (hint: EGC have more limited growth potential in culture)? Discuss. 8. The studies already done on human and mouse ESC point out to the need for doing studies in mouse and human in parallel. Can you specify 3 findings that suggest these cells might be different? 9. What are residential tissue areas, or niches (be specific) for each of the 4 classes of stem cells that we have studied? 10. How was that determined? 11. What is the most accepted stem cell assay (hint: in vitro)? How well is that a reflection of stemness in vivo- discuss. 12. Describe and compare 3 methods to assess the potential of ESC? 13. What are the major steps in deriving ESC for clinical purposes from an adult patient in need of cell therapy? 14. What is the general rational, or experimental frame, that researchers use when designing conditions to derive specific tissue (stem) cells from embryonic stem cells? 15. What are the clinical applications of ESC? (you should come up with 4 distinct types of applications) 16. What are the major advantages of using ESC vs tissue stem cells in clinics? 17. What are the major disadvantages of using ESC?
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Study Questions - 1 2 3 4 5 6 Whataretheclass

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