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BIOGD 440 TAKE HOME EXAM DUE ON MONDAY 4/23/07 BEFORE LECTURE PSEUDONYM: ( EMAIL YING YOUR PSEUDONYM AND NAME) PLEASE USE ONLY THE SPACE PROVIDE. TYPEWRITE YOUR ANSWERS BY USING FONT TIMES 12, SINGLE SPACE. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS RULES WILL RESULT IN UP TO 30% PENALTY. THANK YOU . DO NOT COPY AND PASTE ANSWERS FROM THE SLIDES. SYNTHESIZE YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND GIVE CONSISE AND COMPLETE ANSWERS. GOOD LUCK! 1.(15 points) Trans-differentiation is a switch of an already committed cell to a different cell fate of a different germ layer origin, which takes place in postnatal life. a. What experimental results led to the notion that HSCs can make muscle? b. What was the possible alternative explanation for those results? c. What experiments were employed to dissect out these possibilities? 2. (5 points) What is the effect of telomere shortening on normal somatic cells? 3. (9 points) Describe 3 different mechanisms that tissue stem cells possess to preserve the integrity of their genome and the length of their telomeres? (Hint - consider the papers we have discussed in addition to the lecture notes).
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4. (15 points) The stem cell niche provides the environmental cues necessary to maintain
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Take Home Final 2007 - BIOGD440 TAKEHOMEEXAM...

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