11.27.07 Social Physics

11.27.07 Social Physics - Social Physics Writing assignment...

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Unformatted text preview: Social Physics Writing assignment 5 Survey results : We now know who we are: 2:00 class 3:30 class I. Social physics II. Situational dynamics: attractors III. Interpersonal dynamics IV. Cognitive dissonance Social physics – a way to organize and think about social behavior “Party” onstage – people broke into groups 3-5 people, different nonverbal as function of personality, personality and where people stand, women talked, laughed, more eye contact, group got tighter tighter, movement restricted, people initially talked to people like themselves, groups became more restrictive Defining Mass (or an attractor) – objects or qualities that attract others ie in a mall, go toward items that attract defined by need – hungry – go to food court Interpersonal Dynamics A. Attractors and group size Status at a conference – people tend to flock to higher status. Jamie younger, not famous – people brush him off. Now – people come to him. High status has high mass – attract more “moons.” brush him off....
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