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Quiz # 2, Physics 316, Modern Physics I Date: Wednesday, 04/01/05 - 9:05, 132 Rockefeller Hall Exercise 1: If you have a potential V ( x ) with V ( - x ) = V ( x ) and an initial wave function Ψ( x, 0) which is not symmetric and not anti-symmetric around x = 0. Explain why the probability distribution | Ψ( x,t ) | 2 has to be time dependent. Exercise 2: In the approximation that the force between two Cl atoms in Cl 2 increases linearly with the distance between them, the absorption frequencies of Cl 2 have a constant spacing, like the energy levels of a harmonic oscillator. When Δ ω 35 is that spacing for a Cl isotope with 17 protons and 18 neutrons, and Δ ω 36 is the frequency spacing for a Cl isotope with 17 protons and 19 neutrons, what is Δ ω 35 / Δ ω 36 ? Exercise 3: A monochromatic light beam in an unknown polarization state ~ E = ~e x E x cos( ζ + φ x ) + ~e y E y cos( ζ + φ y ) with ζ = kz - ωt (1) is sent through a linear polarizer which has an angle θ
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