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11.20 Modern Approaches to Personality

11.20 Modern Approaches to Personality - Modern Approaches...

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Modern Approaches to Personality Writing assignment 5: Read Social Psychology chapter I. What is personality (with a brief excursion to forbidden thoughts )? Cyrannic personalities Core approaches: Psychodynamic, Humanistic Onion skin II. Trait theories Big Five Example: Extraversion III. Relating personality to everyday life Cyrano – unattractive, wrote beautiful letters to woman, gave to attractive men to give to the woman. Woman falls in love with attractive man (thinks he wrote letter), finds out he didn’t, loves true author rather than attractive man. Are you the same person today as you were 20 years ago? Is there a core personality? One model says yes. One model – onion skin model – can keep taking off layers, end up with nothing (no core) Trait Theories – ideas we can use ordinary language terms to describe what people are like Found 17,000 in the unabridged dictionary that could be used to describe a person Factor analytic approach: Big Five
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