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Unformatted text preview: Homework (8) for Physics 316, Modern Physics I (Hoffstaetter/Drasco/Thibault) Due Date: Friday, 04/01/05 - 9:55 in 132 Rockefeller Hall Exercise 1: As discussed in class, you send a vertically polarized beam through a tilted x /y analyzer, where the tilted y axis makes an angle of θ to the vertical. If you send one beam through an ideal horizontal polarizer afterwords you get a probability P 1 for transmission. If you now place the horizontal polarizer behind the other beam that comes out of the x /y analyzer, the probability for transmission is P 2 . Show that P 1 = P 2 for all θ . P 1 θ P 2 θ Exercise 2: How can a right circular polarized light beam be changed to a left circular light be with as little loss of intensity as possible ? Exercise 3: Given a photon beam in polarization state Ψ which is a pure but unknown state of liner or circular polarization. It is not known whether it is right or left handed nor is the direction of linear polarization known. Specify a method by which you can determine the polarization state.of linear polarization known....
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