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Unformatted text preview: Math background test for Physics 316, Modern Physics I (Hoffstaetter/Drasco/Thibault) Date: Monday, 01/24/05 0) Do you have the math requirements? Math190 or 191: analytic geometry, differential and integral calculus Math192: vectors and calculus of functions of several variables through double and triple integrals Co-registration in at least Math294: Linear algebra 1) Use complex numbers to derive the following equation: sin(2) = 2 sin() cos() . (1) 2) What is the general solution of the following ODE? d2 x = kx , k < 0 . dt2 What is the general solution for k > 0? (2) 3) What is 5ei/2 3e-i/4 ? 4) What is 5ei/2 + 3e-i/4 ? 5) Solve the following indefinite integral: 1 dx . x (3) 6) Solve the following integral: 0 cos2 sin d . (4) ...
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