10.25.07 Coping and Stress

10.25.07 Coping and Stress - Coping and Stress Writing...

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Coping and Stress Writing assignment 3 : Due tonight by 11:59pm Review sessions for Test 3 I. Dealing with upheavals: The Stress Cycle II. Attention and suppression strategies Emotion and thought suppression Traumatic experience Secrets III. Intrepretation of events and emotions Labels Expressive writing When and for whom Why IV. Alternative biological interventions: Relaxation Why does coming to college place people at higher risk for illness and depression? Major life change – every major life change is associated with illness; new job, married, etc. Change in life – change in health habits: smoke more, drink more, etc. Strong social network helps health All mammals deal with stress (stress cycle link) `` - don’t think about a white bear. Dostoyevsky’s experiment. Humans are incapable of suppressing important thoughts for long periods of time. Asked students if had traumatic sexual experience before age 17. 15% said yes – they go to student health services more often, have more frequent headaches, etc. Same experiment by magazine – wider population answered. Having a traumatic
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10.25.07 Coping and Stress - Coping and Stress Writing...

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