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Intro to Mythology Study Outline – Midterm II 1. Visions of Death – the underworld- - Descent into underworld of Odysseus: Went on a trip to consult Tyresias, so sailed to end of world. Dug a pit and made sacrifice. Enters Hades and encounters comrade Elpenor who died from too much wine, he asks Odysseus to burn his body on the shore. Dead mother next, got to recognize by drinking dark blood. Tells her son she died of heartache over longing for his return. Soul of Achilles, despairing, but is great power among the dead, he tells Odysseus he prefers to be a slave of another and alive than rule the dead. Sees Ajax would committed suicide b/c Odysseus was awarded Achilles’ armour. Sees phantom of Heracles who tells of his labours for an inferior master as well. Mortals ended up in same place for the most place with no distinction, although special hell for those who did great crimes against the gods. Tiresias is a seer and is one of only who has kept mind unshaken in Hades. - Descent of Aeneas into underworld by Virgil : Aenaes goes to underworld because Sibyl, prophetess of Apollo, tells him to visit his father and get a golden bough, sacred to Persephone and bury his comrade, Misenus. Twin doves of Aphrodite come from sky with gold chariot and take him to deep, rocky cave, Avernus. Sacrifice to Persephone and enters underworld. Comes to river of Tartarus, that the ferryman, Charon, guards, they (Sibyl and him) travel across (norm. only those who’ve received proper burial are allowed to). Encounter Cerberus (3 headed dog), feed cake drugged to make him sleep, and make way to river of no return (Styx). Come to huge door with solid columns leads to Tartarus, and the fury, Tisiphone guards. No pure person is permitted, it’s where justice and punishment of wicked sinners is served out by gods. Then they go to the happy place, the pleasant green glades of the Woods of the Fortunate, the home of the blessed. Here are those died defending their country, pure priests, and devout poets; all wear snowy white garlands around temples. Found his father Anchises, who tells him that they are sent to Elysium and occupy these happy fields, then after 1000 yrs, throng to the river Lethe, where they are made to forget and return to bodies. Aeneas and Sibyl leave thru gate of ivory. - Plato’s myth of ER : Er, son of Armenius, died and was taken to funeral pyre, but then came back to life and told of afterlife. He travelled with many to divine place where there sat judges, who ordered you to two portals on the right that go to the sky, or two on left going downward. Souls came up thru one opening on each side, those arising from downward were covered in dust and told of suffering that lasted thousands of years, those from sky were happy and told of indescribable beauty. Everyone had to suffer appropriate penalty for each sin ten times over, greater retribution for dishonour of gods and rewards for honouring. After cycle of 1000 years, spend 7 days on plain then proceed
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mythologySTUDYGUIDE - Intro to Mythology Study Outline...

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