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Please only fill in your name Use a #2 pencil Syenne A B Gnomon Center of Earth Equator 1) In the above diagram, which one of the following choices best describes the shadow of the stick (gnomon) at the equator at noon on the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. ? (a) shadow A (b) shadow B (c) there will be no shadow (d) the same as the shadow at Syenne 2) Why does a helium filled balloon rise? (a) because helium is a noble gas (b) because helium is the second element on the periodic table (c) because the density of helium is much less than the density of nitrogen and oxygen (d) because a helium filled balloon has less matter than an empty balloon. (e) none of the above 3) How do we know that light can be treated as a wave? (a) Because light forms sharp shadows (b) Because light can bend around sharp edges such as the edge of razor blades to form a diffraction pattern (c) Because white light can be broken down into the colors of the spectrum (d) Because each element in a discharge tube gives of discrete color spectrum. 4) What evidence led Dalton to propose the notion that the chemical elements are composed of fundamental units he called 'atoms'? (a) He was influenced by Democritus' ideas of the structure of matter.
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Quiz2_ans - Section Quiz 3(15 minutes Please only fill in...

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