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Name_________________________ ID _________________________ 1 Prelim 2 VERSION 2 HD 220: The Human Brain and Mind I expect you to adhere to the University’s Code of Academic Integrity. This includes students’ not misrepresenting their own work and during in-class examinations not using, giving, or receiving any assistance or information not given in the examination or by the proctor. No student may take an examination for another student. Please put your name and Cornell ID on the front page and your name on each page. This is to ensure that we give you credit for the entire exam in case pages become unstapled. Each question is worth 2 points unless indicated otherwise. Please do not open exam until proctor indicates time has begun. For Grader Use Only Page Points Available Points received Scantron 50 9 9 (+1 EC) 10 10 11 12 (+2 EC) 12 12 13 4 (+1 EC) 14 4 (+1 EC) 15 8 16 4 17 8 18 4 Total 125 (+5 EC)
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