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HD 220 Prelim 2 study guide Study Guide HD 220 Prelim 2 This is meant to be a guide, not a contract written in stone. I expect this covers all the things you need to know, but I can not 100% guarantee it. This will give a good guide for your studying. Commonalities across all sensory-motor chapters There are a few topics which are similar across all the sensory / motor systems. The following are a few ideas that you should think about in relation to all of them. 1. Parallel Processing a. What is “parallel processing” in the nervous system b. For each system, think of an example of parallel processing 2. Topographic organization a. What does topographic organization mean? b. For each system, know how topographic organization is coded for that system 3. Sensory receptors a. For each of the sensory systems (not motor) we discussed the receptors that transform the stimulus from the world into a neural signal. Know the sensory receptor(s) for each system, a little about the stimulus is transforms, and, if discussed, how that transformation takes place. 4. Primary cortical areas a. Vision 1. Understand the stimulus used in vision 2. Understand the ways that the eye is designed for light 3. What causes near and far sightedness? 4. Understand the organization of the retina a. What is it? b. What are the receptors that respond to light? c.
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prelim_2_Study_Guide - HD 220 Prelim 2 study guide Study...

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