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Jason and the Argonauts - Phrixus and Helle and their journey to Colchis Taken up by their mother, Nephele, on a golden-fleeced ram that Hermes gave her. Helle fell off and drowned in straits between Europe and Asia (Hellespont). Phrixus came to Colchis, at east end of Black Sea. King Aeetes received him and gave him his daughter Chalciope as wife. Phrixus sacrificed the ram to Zeus. Aeetes hung the fleece on an oak tree in a sacred grove of Ares, guarded by a dragon. - Jason’s voyage to Colchis Pelias, Jason’s stepbrother, promises to yield the throne of Iolcus as soon as Jason brings him the Golden Fleece (Phrixus appeared to Pelias in a dream). Left Iolcus with the Argonauts and sailed to the island of Lemnos, where only women were and Queen was Hypsipyle. Next, touched at Samothrace and initiated into the mysteries, then they sailed to Propontis and put in at Cyzicus where King Cyzicus and Doliones received him. Left, but winds drove them back, Doliones mistook them for night raiders and they battled – killing the King. Next went to Cios, Heracles replaced his broken oar, but he left the expedition and Hylas was lost. Next the Argonauts passed into Euxine, land of Bebryces, where Polydeuces boxed their King Amycus (son of Poseidon) and killed him. Then they came to Salmydessus where King Phineus, the blind prophet tortured by the furies to stole/ruined his food, warned them of the crashing rocks (symplegades). On the Asiatic coast of Euxine the Mariandyni and their King Lycus,
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CC303-FinalExamReview[1] - Jason and the Argonauts -...

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