Class Notes for 9-25 - Anna King HA 387 9.25.2007 Class...

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Anna King HA 387 9.25.2007 Class Notes: 9.25.2007 Exam: Four questions: How to prove a discrimination case, explain pretext model and mixed motive model or to pick one in which case one would clearly be better than the other. (There will be no evidence so you go pretext, or there is so go mixed motive). You will do this in prose. Do not do this in IRAC Everything else will be IRAC Vande Zande vs. State of Wisconsin A handicap woman was working in an office, she asked for a lot of changes which they made. Then they moved offices and she asked for sinks to be lowered and they couldn’t. Sued them for not making reasonable accommodations. She has a series of problems (gets sick and has to miss work), wheelchair. She doesn’t think that on the days that she can’t work because she is sick, she shouldn’t have to use up her sick time. She is in a wheelchair and says that the sink in the kitchen is too high for her. It costs $150 to lower the sink. Employer says that the bathroom around the corner has a lower sink. She thinks that differentiates her. Concept of reasonable accommodation. ADA says people with disabilities need reasonable accommodations. You must be: o Disabled (as defined by the law)
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This note was uploaded on 10/31/2007 for the course H ADM 387 taught by Professor Dsherwyn during the Spring '07 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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Class Notes for 9-25 - Anna King HA 387 9.25.2007 Class...

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