10.02 Demeter - make him immortal). Mom flips out. Demeter...

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DEMETER (CERES) De=Earth or Tamer or Barley Meter=mother Connected with earth and underworld Near eastern parallel Duttur searches for her son Damu in the underworld Persephone – daughter of Demeter and Zeus -with Demeter – “the two goddesses” or “the two Demeters” Persephone kidnapped by Hades with permission of Zeus “the rape of Persephone” End up marrying Demeter is angry. Leaves gods. Sits beside a well and meets daughters of Celius. They take her to their home as a nurse (disguised). Won’t drink wine, only barley and water. Given charge of son Demophon. Anoints with ambrosia and dits in fire (to
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Unformatted text preview: make him immortal). Mom flips out. Demeter reveals godly form and commands a temple be built for her in Eleusis. ?Maybe trying to replace lost child? Demeter causes a great famine threatens existence of man and sacrifices to gods. Zeus and Iris try to get her to turn away from her anger. Hades consents to let Persephone go. Pomegranate seeds bind her to return. Zeus invites D&P to Olympus. Says live there 2/3 of year and the rest (winter) in the underworld with Hades. Cult of Demeter was a mystery. Secretive....
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