11.20 Jason and the Argonauts

11.20 Jason and the Argonauts - Jason and the Argonauts The...

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Jason and the Argonauts The Argonauts come from the generation before the Trojan war, o Many of the fathers of the great Greek heroes of the Trojan war a counted among them o Number varies, but 50 is a good number Peleus (father of Achilles) Telamon (father of Ajax the Great) Heracles Phrixus and the Golden Fleece o Son of Boeotian king Athamas and Nephele (cloud) o Brother of Helle o Nephele returns to sky, Athamas marries Ino, daughter of Cadmus o Ino tries to destroy her stepchildren, tries to sacrifice Phrixus o Nephele saves her children, puts them on the back of a flying ram with a golden fleece, gift of Hermes Phrixus goes to Colchis o The ram flew eastward o Helle falls into the sea between Europe and Turkey and drowns Hence the name Hellespont o Phrixus went to Colchis and sacrifices the ram to Zeus, gives it to Colchis king Aeetes o Golden fleece hangs in the grove of Ares, guarded by a great serpent Iolcus: Jason and Pelias (Pelias Jason’s stepbrother) o Argonauts journey begins in Iolcus, ruled by Cretheus, brother of Athamas o Aeson, son of Cretheus, is the father of Jason o Jason was sent to be educated by centaur Chiron and his mother o When he returns to claim the kingdom, Pelias, the ruler, agrees to give it
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11.20 Jason and the Argonauts - Jason and the Argonauts The...

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