Prelim 2 answers - NAME_ BioEE 278 Dr. M. Geber SECTION (TA...

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NAME_____________________ SECTION (TA & time)______________________ 1 BioEE 278 Fall 2007 Dr. M. Geber PRELIM 2 1. Put your name and section (TA and time) on each page . 2. Read each question carefully before you begin your answer and note the point value of each. Write clear and concise answers. You may lose points if your answer includes a lot of extraneous information. 3. Limit your answers to the space in the boxes. You may use the backside of the page to outline and organize your answers, and/or run through calculations on problems. You should show your calculations in the answer boxes for the problems . 4. Answer all questions. The exam has a total of 100 points, and will count for 25% of your final grade. You have 50 minutes to complete the exam. HONOR CODE During in-class examinations no student may use, give, or receive any assistance or information not given in the examination or by the proctor. No student may take an examination for another student. The student is responsible for understanding the conditions under which the examination will be taken. Do not write in the space below P O I N T S FILL IN THE BLANKS (20 points) SHORT ESSAYS (10 points) GRAPHS (35 points) PROBLEMS (35 points)
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NAME_____________________ SECTION (TA & time)______________________ 2 A. FILL IN THE BLANKS (2 points each, total of 20 points). 1. Low heterozygote frequencies relative to H-W expectations occur when mating is _____assortative (or inbreeding; non-random is not enough)_______________. 2. The frequency of a new mutation in a diploid population of size N is _______1/2N__________. 3. Evolutionary change in allele frequencies is affected by _____drift_________ and ___gene flow or selection___________. 4. ___recombination______________ reduces linkage disequilibrium. 5. If the frequency of a neutral allele A is 0.4, its probability of being lost is __0.6_____. 6. A norm of reaction shows the __change___________in phenotype between ______environments_________. 7. Two types of mutation that do not involve single nucleotide changes are __translocation__________ and _____inversion/duplication of gene or genome________. 8.
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Prelim 2 answers - NAME_ BioEE 278 Dr. M. Geber SECTION (TA...

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