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BioEE 278 Fall 2007 Evolutionary Biology Lecture 25 HUMANS AS “AGENTS” OF EVOLUTION Evolution as a curse and a blessing No textbook reading. A. Humans and Health 1. Evolution of resistance in pathogens a. bacterial infections – antibiotics b. viral infections – antiviral drugs c. what about vaccines? 2. Economic costs of resistance 3. Lessons – prevent evolution B. Humans and Agriculture 1. Evolution to pesticides and herbicides – same problems, same lessons a. chemical pesticides & herbicides b. genetically engineered pesticides c. use of domesticated species to “grow” drugs and vaccines (?) 2. Economic costs of resistance 3. Spread of genes from genetically modified organisms to wild species
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Unformatted text preview: C. Humans and the “natural” environment – Extinction and rarity 1. Extinction: extinction rates & consequences 2. Rarity: genetic effects of rarity 3. Evolution in response to pollution 4. Evolution in invasive species 5. Evolution in response to in invasive species 6. Evolution in response to harvesting of wild species 7. Evolution in response to global change FINAL EXAM: Dec 12, 9:00 – 11:00 am, BT East. Comprehensive exam on all material. Practice questions will be posted on web next week, with answers to follow later. Review session will be held Monday, Dec 10, time and place to be announced...
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