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ARTEMIS (DIANA) Virgin Daughter of Zeus and Leto; twin of Apollo Bow and arrow like Apollo Like Apollo is a vengeful god, Artemis can be too Artemis can bring sudden death – connected with women, especially during childbirth Naobi=daughter of Tantalus. Transfress gods by boasting she is better than Leto since she has 12 children and Leto has only 2. Leto cries. Artemis and Apollo punish Naobi by killing first her sons, then her daughters. Naobi turned into a rock, and she still cries. [Apollo kills son first, but Naobi doesn’t learn, so Artemis kills the daughters] Artemis and Actaeon Actaeon=hunter. Comes upon Artemis bathing. She turns him into a stag. He is followed by his hounds and hunting companions and is killed. “Said he did not die until countless wounds had satisfied Diana’s awful wrath.”
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Unformatted text preview: Stories of Tiresias’ blinding – sides with Zeus over Hera on question of who gets more sexual pleasure, men or women. Tiresias also comes upon Artemis while she bathes. Callisto=nymph, huntress, associated with Diana. Raped by Jupiter, who takes the form of Diana to get close to her. She is shamed, but continues with Diana’s group. Discovers she is pregnant. Diana is disgusted and sends her away ==not forgiving. General dislike of men. Lesbian themes? Myth of Orion – famous hunter. Tries to rape Artemis. She springs a giant scorpion out of the earth to sting him. Contradictory: Responsible for the protection of animals, but also for killing them. Not connected with sexuality, but connected with childbirth. Said to have been born first and helped Leto with birth of Apollo....
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