9.11 Creation of Humanity

9.11 Creation of Humanity - The Creation of Humanity Works...

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Unformatted text preview: The Creation of Humanity Works and Days wisdom literature -gives advice, such as when to marry, when to urinate, how to act at parties, how to conduct one's life -focuses on humanity, whereas Theogony focuses on gods Hesiod's 5 Ages of Men: Age of Gold lived like gods; created by Olympians during the reign of Kronos; die "as if overcome by sleep"; blessed spirits Age of Silver children for 100 years, and died soon after becoming men; witlessness; did not honor the gods Age of Bronze out of ash trees; violent; perish quickly at their own hands (war); left no names Age of the Heroes demigods; more righteous and noble; war and fighting destroyed them; someIsles of the Blessed Ones Age of Iron (Present Age of Man) misery and toil, constant distress, age comes quickly Prometheus son of Iapetus, a Titan, and the Oceanid Clymene Brings about downfall of mankind? Zeus decides to conceal fire from humanity o Promethus steals it back o Zeus punishes Prometheus and man (Prometheus with birds eating liver, man with women) o Creation of Pandora as punishment for mankind Athena taught her crafts, Aphrodite taught her charm Name means allgift, "calamity for men who live by bread" Brought evil to man by opening jar. Hope remains in jar. Like Eve brought evil to man and lost him immortality Ia p e tu s P r o m e th e u s D e u c a lio n E p im e th e u s P h y r ra C ly m e n e A tla s M e n o e tiu s Earth floods (Noah & stories in other cultures) Deucalion and Phyrra survive on a raft Mount Parnassus drop stone ("Bones of Mother"=Gaia) sprout into humans Men again born of earth ...
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9.11 Creation of Humanity - The Creation of Humanity Works...

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