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HW3 - CSCI 485 File Database Management Homework 3 SQL...

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CSCI 485: File & Database Management Homework 3: SQL Queries and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Professor Shahram Ghandeharizadeh Due: Tuesday, September 30 th 2008 (Noon Time) Description In the previous two assignments, we focused on the functionalities of a social networking site, i.e., MySpace. Individuals signup as members of the site and become friends with one another to socialize. Assuming fictional superheroes as members of a social network site, in this homework assignment, you will author SQL commands to perform the following tasks: 1. Retrieve the first and last name of all female superheroes. 2. Retrieve the first and last name of those superheroes whose friends is a superset of Superman’s friends. 3. Retrieve the first and last name of those superheroes with fewer than 4 friends. 4. Retrieve the name of each superhero and the number of his or her friends. 5. Delete the superhero with minimum number of friends. You are provided with both a database schema and its instance. This script is available
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