Biol 222 CHAPTER 7 - Joshua Marceau Biology to 222 genetics CHAPTER 7(DNA STRUCTURE AND REPLICATION ASSIGNED PROBLEMS 1 Describe the types of

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Joshua Marceau Biology to 222, genetics CHAPTER 7 (DNA STRUCTURE AND REPLICATION) ASSIGNED PROBLEMS 1. Describe the types of chemical bonds in the DNA double helix. Phosphodiester bonds form along the backbone of the DNA between phosphate groups. Hydrogen bonds form between the bases of the two strands of DNA forming the double helix. 2. Explain what is meant by the term's conservative and semi-conservative replication. Semi conservative replication means that after replication of a DNA strand each daughter Strand contains one of the original parent strands. 3. What is meant by a primer, and why are primers necessary for DNA replication? A primer is a short strand of RNA that helps transcription enzymes start the replication process. 4. What are helicases and topoisomerases? A helicas is an enzyme that breaks hydrogen bonds between base pairs of DNA, which results in an unzipping of the DNA molecule. Topoisomerase is an enzyme that reduces or introduces super coiling of the DNA strand.
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