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Three People, Three Different Approaches Writing has been a tool for many centuries which allows individuals to share their feelings with the public. In the case presented we are able to get a feeling for three men each with their own independent approaches to the medical. The first is William Carlos Williams, with his great complied work The Doctor Stories. The next author is Oliver Sacks, who takes us into his readings based on different experiences that he has had with patients in The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. Finally, we will review Martin Arrowsmith who is a fictional character in Sinclair Lewis’ novel Arrowsmith. The traditional method of medicine was easy to see and understand in both the works of Williams and Sacks. Williams has given us the opportunity to see how where his thinking was when dealing with his patients. Upon reading the works of Williams you start to feel that he creates or at least tries to build a bond between the patients and himself. He welcomes the ability to be able to deal with a patient and understand what
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sgl3_concluding_1 - Three People, Three Different...

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