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Sinclair Lewis: Arrowsmith With the every changing stages of life that this novel presents Sinclair Lewis gives us the opportunity to understand the difference between the worlds views and an individuals. Martin Arrowsmith is our main character and has wanted to be a doctor ever since his encounters with Dr. Vickerson as a young boy. As Martin matures and receives the opportunity to fulfill all his dreams he begins to. His choice of higher education was the University of Winnemac where he would study medicine. It is here that the struggles that Martin will face throughout his entire life begin. While in college Martin embraced the university life and all that it had to offer. He soon realizes that he does not want to be just an ordinary doctor but one that has a purpose to make a difference on the grand scale. Up to this point Martin knows what he wants but still has not found a way to get it and then he meets Max Gottlieb. As eager as he was to take the bacteriology class he was denied by the professor. Martin expressed his anger to us in a few words, “…I’ll show old Gottlieb, damn him!” (Lewis 12). This characteristic is the driving force behind Martin. He is on a quest for knowledge; there is no better drug than learning more and more for this individual. Individuals like Martin are hard to find and he realized that he was different during the interacting with some of his school mates. He found people with every characteristic except the ones that he possessed. Martin’s passions were for what we do not see on the surface but what lies beneath. Unfortunately, the majority of the world
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sgl3_essay3 - Sinclair Lewis: Arrowsmith With the every...

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