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Louissaint 1 Stanley Louissaint Dr. D. Fleischer HSS 403-453 21 November 2007 Karina Siqueira, B.S.R.N : An Insider on Health Care Healthcare has changed dramatically over the years and Karina Siqueira, B.S.R.N., has been around to see many of them. Working as a registered nurse at Robert Wood Johnson in New Brunswick her day is sure to excite any of us. With this job comes great responsibility and commitment. There have been many changes from the addition of health insurance to the commercialism that has occurred. Karina is and advocate of some of the changes that have occurred but also informs us of some of the problems that our health care system faces through the current times. We have reached a new height in research and medicines but still have a long way to go to benefits everyone as a whole. During our interview I asked Karina what was the biggest change that she feels has happened in the health care arena. “The one most obvious change in the practice of medicine is the incorporation of health insurance”, said Karina. She explained that with the benefits of health coverage it also has an adverse affect to the amount of time that a provider can spend with an individual patient. This is a concept that we can see in our earlier readings of Williams. Our doctors in that reading were able to take their time with house calls and as much time as necessary to treat an individual patient. “I’ve seen it many times where a doctor is in a constant rush with a particular patient and leads to a misdiagnosis.”
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Louissaint 2 Along with the negatives of health insurance comes a positive change in the practice of medicine which is the shift towards preventive care and public education. Karina expressed her feelings on how with the ability to educate patients about diseases
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sgl3_essay6 - Louissaint 1 Stanley Louissaint Dr. D....

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