Lecture 3 - Lecture 3 Ancient Near Eastern and Western Asia...

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Lecture 3: Ancient Near Eastern and Western Asia, 1450-330 B.C.E. Ancient Near Eastern Empires, 1450-330 B.C.E. Hittite Empire (1450-1200 BCE) Assyrian Empire (1200-612 BCE) Palestine: Phoenicians and Hebrews Hittite Empire (1450-1200 BCE) Decline of the Babylonian Dynasty Hittite Invasions Indo-European Language-what they spoke. .they were from northerm mesopatamia present day iran Military Superiority-more advanced techniques and better weapons Hittite Empire emerged (ca 1450 BCE) Est. this new empire….were able to control massive areas even mesopatamia…new kingdom came frequent battles of Syria and places that the Egyptian area was trying to expand. Imperial Expansion Conflicts with Egypt Iron Smelting- they possessed superior military technology…they produced iron weapons they had better weapons…passed knowledge down to those who would follow…came into contact with other cultures including the Egyptians and they adopted many of there ways. Hittie kings claimed to be representatives of the sun god (Egyptian idea)…this knowledge spread to other civilizations The Assyrian Empire, ca 1200-612 BCE) Decline of the Hittite Empire- Rise of the Assyrians Semitic language Northern Mesopotamia-native there…some were from the north however… known for their militaristic ways Powerful military-seized control over large areas because they would use aggression violence and cruelty as well tribute Monumental architecture and arts- Kings preserved the history of the empire
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Lecture 3 - Lecture 3 Ancient Near Eastern and Western Asia...

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