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PreLab: Technology in the Lab 1. We use electronic and computerized instrumentation so that we can find accurate and precise measurements that allow us to further our knowledge in the fields that we are studying. 2. The instrumentation is only as productive as the individuals that are using it. This is important to know because now we truly understand that to find success in this lab we as individuals need to be successful in this field. 3. First, we must learn to use the instrumentation and have the ability to use the instrumentation effectively. Second, we must have the ability to learn from the data that we collected in the experiment.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. A good example is the modern-day shaped skis. When most people use these types of skis, they just ski like when everyone had the old straight edged boards from the eighties. However, when one knows how to use these skis correctly and efficiently, one can ski much more effectively and faster than other skiers on the mountain. 5. The motion detector uses a signal to detect how far an object is away by using a set velocity. Knowing the set velocity and the time it took the signal to travel to the object and back, the detector can tell how far away an object is 6. a. Motion Detector b. Rotary Motion Sensor: c. Force Probe:...
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