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PreLab Eight 1. Momentum and Kinetic Energy are both conserved in a elastic collision like this. 2. Process p f /p 0 Momentum Conserved? K f /K O Kinetic Energy Conserved? Objects Stick Together? Maximum KE Loss? Explosion p f /p 0 = 1 Yes K f /K O = 1 Elastic Collision p f /p 0 = 1 Yes K f /K O = 1 No Inelastic Collision p f /p 0 > 0 Probably a Little K f /K O < 1 Probably Not No Perfectly Inelastic Collision
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Unformatted text preview: p f /p 0 = 0 No K f /K O = 0 No Yes Yes 3. In cases like this, the extra kinetic energy is coming from the potential energy changing into kinetic energy. 4. For the momentum to be conserved, the collision/explosion must not be perfectly inelastic and there cannot be any outside forces....
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