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BMB 401 Summer 2008 Practice Exam 4 Page 1 Please also look for questions regarding regulation of all the pathways discussed, and when they will be operating (metabolic conditions in the body - fasting, fed, resting, bear attack, etc.) 1) The electron carrier used in Fatty acid (FA) degradation is: NADP + while in FA biosynthesis the electon carrier used is NAD+ True False this is reversed. FAD is also used in degradation 2) Cytosolic NADH is shuttled into the mitochondrial matrix for use in electron transport by an antiporter in the inner mitochondrial membrane True False 3) Fatty acid biosynthesis proceeds by the direct addition of acetyl units produced as a result of amino acid degradation, fatty acid oxidation and glycolysis True False (Acetyl CoA) 4) Acetyl-CoA carboxylase catalyzes a carboxylation reaction that occurs in the cytosol True False 5) Acetyl CoA is an allosteric inhibitor of carnitine transferase True False 6) Glucose 6-P dehydrogenase deficiency is usually subclinical, however, potent reducing agents can trigger anemia caused by insufficient oxidation of components of red blood cells True False 7) β -oxidation of fatty acids provides acetyl CoA for use in the citric acid cycle. True False 8) How many Acetyl CoA units can the molecule above generate?__2_______ 9) How many molecules of NADH can the molecule above generate?____1_______ For the next 3 questions, please state whether the following is a (P) proton pump, (M) hydrophobic mobile electron carrier, or (A) hydrophilic mobile electron carrier 10) Complex I P 11) Ubiquinol (Coenzyme Q)M
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BMBPractice_Exam_4_KEY - BMB 401 Summer 2008 Practice Exam...

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