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On Friday, September 14, 2007, the play “The Best Man” was performed at the Main Street theatre in Houston, Texas. The Best Man was written by Gore Vidal and directed by Mark Adams. The play is about two presidential candidates William Russell and Joe Cantwell at the national convention. Each is at each other’s throats, in addition to Russell in a moral battle with himself and others, and Cantwell is in a make believe battle with the world to be at the top. Gore Vidal wrote the play to convey the theme of moral fiber. Moral fiber can be also known as your conscience and Vidal wanted to show his audience what it takes to do the right thing. Mark Adams showed us this with the theatrical elements of acting, and costume design. Each element being successful suggests the playwright’s theme, with all of the actor’s excellent performance especially Cantwell’s and Russell’s performance and the wives’ conservative and liberal costumes. Prior to the performance I noticed that the Main Street Theatre was very a small
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