el Critique1 - So I finally coughed up the courage to go...

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So I finally coughed up the courage to go see the September 26 preview of The Busy World is Hushed, directed by Cheryl L. Kaplan and I must say that I was quite impressed. Although this Main Stage, Main Street Theater play was in fact a preview and had its occasional and minor mistakes, the overall plot and production itself was concise, to the point, and successfully carry out the director’s goal. From what I witnessed, the director of this play wanted to show his audience what some individuals may go though when experiencing the loss of someone awfully close, and how they go about dealing with it, religiously. When I walked into the Main Street Theater (which was almost filled completely with senior citizens), I instantly found myself in doubt of the production. It was a small, opulent, simple arena theater, the space was awfully limited and I was worried that the actors wouldn’t have much space for any drastic movement. I noticed that the seating was wrapped rather tightly around the stage. However, it turned out to be the right setting for the play. The stage was set at an angle so all four sides had a change to “meet” each actor face to face. The closeness, at times, made me feel like I was actually at the setting, even though I was sitting on a back row on the east side. Although the entire production took place in one room visually, that’s all it really needed. The actors did an excellent job as
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el Critique1 - So I finally coughed up the courage to go...

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