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ELEMENTS OF MODERN TRAGEDY WRITTEN IN PROSE, Voice of the “Common Man” (phrase coined by Arthur Miller) THE HERO IS NOT SOMEONE OF NOBILITY Rather a “common man/woman” (Willy Loman) SOCIETAL RATHER THAN SUPERNATURAL FORCES AT WORK Main character dealing with society along with his tragic flaw. SENSE OF IRRETRIEVABILITY AND HUMAN FLAW Not as absolute as traditional tragedy. MAIN HERO ACCEPTS RESPONSIBILITY, NOT NECESSARILY DONE WITH DIGNITY. CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE things that are not spoken and done which could help matters contribute to downfall NONVERBAL EXPRESSION IMPORTANT Structure of the plot, the movements and gestures of performers, the elements of sound and light. The use of subtext ( emotions, tensions, and thoughts not expressed directly in the text - Stanislavski ). The t use subtext, they expressed everything in the text. DEALS WITH SAME QUESTIONS Why do men and women suffer? Why do violence and injustice exist? What is the meaning of our lives? Be familiar with and prepared to expand on the following: DISCUSS What is meant by Art as the Mirror of the Age? Theatre is art and as such it mirrors or reflects life. it does not try to encompass the whole of life at once, rather it selects and focuses on a part of the total picture. Pg 4-5 How did the Greek Theatre differ from the Shakespearean Theatre? From the Modern Theater? pg 49-50 greek playwrights introduced some innovations but essentially they adhered to prescribed coneventions. Some concentions were limiting the number of scenes in a play, usually 5 scenes, mixed together with choral sections.the drama took place in one locale and within a short span of time. Another conventin relected this society;s sense of balance and order. Shakesperean- a single play might move to a number of locations and cover a period of
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