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9-10-07 - biggest strike activity was in 1946 Most...

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Railroad and postal workers were the first ones to be covered by labor law because they were in a particular position of leverage. 1926 Railway Labor Act- legalized for the first time collective bargaining ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In 22 states you can’t negotiate a union shop close -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taft Hartley (1947) established Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service:
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Unformatted text preview: biggest strike activity was in 1946 Most secondary strikes were outlawed by Taft Hartley • Landrum-Griffin: in aftermath of Congressional hearings about organized crime in unions- this act tried to set legal standards to limit criminality. Organized crime typically entered labor movement b/c there was some business initiative (e.g. hotel industry in Vegas, construction- lots of leverage) • Healthcare was exempted from Taft Harley, Wagner, Etc....
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