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4-10 - information about difference in wages across regions...

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Factors influencing propensity to move: T: length of time one expects to spend in California. The longer one expects to be in California, migration should increase. So, the young will tend to migrate (more years to reap the benefits) C: the greater the cost of the move, the less one expects to move 22% of all moves are more than 600 miles. Most moving is done within a fairly short range of miles Bjt – more educated people migrate further and more often than less educated (more
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Unformatted text preview: information about difference in wages across regions) Bot One reason women may be paid less than men: in making family move decisions, the women’s net gains aren’t given primary emphasis. Family moves according to husband’s job, and woman may end up in a region where she’s less likely to earn as much as she can. (E.g. if a woman finance major moves upstate b/c it’s more agreeable for the husband’s job instead of into a big city)...
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